Desks and Work Surfaces

2 of the 5 largest furniture manufacturers in the world use PlasProtect products for protecting and packaging their table tops, desks and work surfaces before they ship them. They use our products because we provide the most cost effective product on the market that reduces returns due to damage during shipping, staging and installation.

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PlasProtect also can be used to protect whiteboards and other delicate flat products. Click Here to see a video of our quality team conducting a drop test using PlasProtect corners on a Whiteboard.

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Windows and Sheet Glass

Can you see it clearly now? We can use our Patent Pending design to protect a variety of flat, heavy and delicate products that are susceptible to damage during shipping. What is it that you sell that has corners that break or bend during shipping? How much is your company losing each year due to avoidable damage?

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Since 1993

Protect Your Products During Shipping, Staging and Installation

Corners are the most vulnerable part of a flat, thin object like a table top. Our unique patent pending design is made from a resilient proprietary blend of polypropylene plastic that protects the corners of table tops, work surfaces, white boards, smart boards, window glass and other products that typically experience breakage and damage during shipping, staging and installation.

Save on Shipping and Warehousing Costs

Made in the USA with recycled materials, the design of the PlasProtect corner has a lightweight, slim, yet strong design so your overall packaging and boxes can be smaller which reduces shipping and warehousing costs.

Reduce Damage During Unpacking, Staging and Installation

Unlike typical bubble wrap, paper fillers or Styrofoam our protective corners can be left on the product during unpacking, staging and installation which reduces the opportunity for damage by the handlers and installers after delivery. This has be reported to save our customers $millions per year in returns due to damage.


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Contact us today to request a copy of our drop test results for an independent test that was conducted by one of our customers with 30 lbs and 50 lbs table tops.